Kristine Fawbush

Kristi is one of Associated Catholic Cemeteries’ longest term employees. She began her work at Holyrood Cemetery as the Office Manager in 1989. She said that “I applied for the Office Manager position 28 years ago, and it was a good fit.” Kristi has a BA degree in Family Studies. Kristi is an avid reader and has a keen eye for artistic expression. Many of the monubenches and family estate lots at Holyrood were designed by her. She is especially fond of Thai food and she enjoys reading. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, cooking, needle point and gardening. She loves to spend time in her favorite places including the Lakes District in England, Lake Quinault, the Oregon beaches and, of course, her own back yard. When reflecting on her years at Holyrood, Kristi said that “I love what I do and the people I work with.” She went on to say “I have met so many interesting people!”