Mark Simard

Mark’s career with Associated Catholic Cemeteries has been varied over four decades. He began as a pre-need parish counselor in February 1982. Mark follows in his father’s footsteps who worked for Holyrood beginning in the 1970’s. In 1986 Mark was made Sales Manager. From 1992 to the present Mark has been Holyrood Cemetery’s Superintendent. Mark loves being out on the water and spending time with his grandchildren. In quieter moments, Mark enjoys reading a variety of novels, magazines, self-help books and the like. He says that he “will pick up anything and read.” Mark is particularly fond of the relationships that Holyrood Cemetery has with the Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino and Hispanic communities. Mark’s legacy will be that he left Holyrood in a better position than when he started: the maintenance level, the new sections and options, financially and with a strong Care Fund.