Alana Niemi

Alana has worked at Holyrood Cemetery in a variety of roles since February 2008. In January 2023 Alana was promoted to the position of “Parish Pre-Need Sales Office Manager”. Previously Alana provided office and bookkeeping support for the Accounting Department and then, in early 2016, Alana began providing office clerical and computer support for the Pre-Need Parish Office located at Holyrood. Alana is a fan of pasta and learning new things. Her favorite authors are Louise Lamore, Tom Clancy, and Cline Cussler. She says that her favorite places of the Edmonds waterfront, Maui and home. Alana said that a friend showed her an employment ad for ACC. She was looking for part-time work and that is what was being offered. So it worked out well. She goes on to say that she enjoys the peaceful atmosphere of her job.