Ashley Lobie

Ashley was appointed President of Associated Catholic Cemeteries by the Most Rev. Paul Etienne, Archbishop of Seattle beginning July 1, 2023. She has served ACC as the Superintendent of Holyrood Cemetery being promoted to that position on July 19, 2022. Ashley began her service at Associated Catholic Cemeteries in February 2015 as a Family Service Director at Holyrood Cemetery. Ashley brings enthusiasm and vision to her new role with a focus on superior service to all families ACC serves and a desire to engender a dynamic staff team. Ashley also brings an entrepreneurial spirit having founded two local service companies. Ashley is a member of St. Brendan parish, Bothell, WA and a member of the Catholic Cemetery Conference. When asked how she got involved at Holyrood, she stated “My whole family has space at Holyrood and my grandfather (Jun Jose) worked there for quite a while.” She went on to say “I joined ACC as an opportunity to be involved with the community of my faith.” Ashley notes that she loves working at Associated Catholic Cemeteries because of the wonderful people who make up the ACC family. She says “I am here to serve the families of ACC. It is fulfilling and purposeful.”