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Have you heard of a columbarium but not sure what it is? Maybe this is the first time hearing this word. Many people may have seen one before while visiting cemeteries in Seattle, WA or maybe even in a movie but not realized what they were called. If you are interested in learning more about these structures, keep reading as we dive into what they are a well as why families may choose this option.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure that is normally a room, building, or even just a wall and is used to display urns with cremated remains. These structures can be inside or outside, covered or uncovered.

The urns in a columbarium are kept and displayed in spaces called “niches”. Each niche holds the induvial urn as well as often has space for an engraved plaque or another marker for the deceased. These niches can also sometimes hold small items such as personal mementos or photographs of the deceased.

You can find columbariums in cemeteries as well as cremation gardens, churches, crematorium sites, and outdoor monuments. These can be either standalone structures or part of a larger monument or building.

Benefits of a Columbarium

Columbariums offer several advantages that appeal to families. One of these is that it provides family members a designated place to visit and connect with their loved ones. This is much more convenient than if one family member holds the remains at their home. With the urn being held at the columbarium, family and friends can visit anytime without having to make arrangements with the family member prior to visiting.

cemeteries in Seattle, WAA columbarium also provides security and safety for their loved ones’ remains. When the urn is kept in a home, it may get damaged or broken. When it is placed in a columbarium niche it is protected from things such as this.

Another benefit to columbariums is that they are often found in beautiful surroundings. For example, a columbarium in a cremation garden may be surrounded by native plants and flowers, fountains, and other water features, as well as peaceful areas to sit and reflect. Surroundings like this can make visiting your loved one that much more enjoyable and therapeutic.

Families also like that a columbarium provides a permeant memorial for their loved one. Their loved one has a space and a marker for people to see for years to come. It gives future generations of family members a place to connect with their past relatives.

Final Thoughts

Columbariums are a wonderful option for those who wish to be cremated yet still have a permeant resting place that family can visit and connect with. With so many types of columbariums and their locations, families can find a perfect choice that suits their needs. These structures offer many advantages and it’s easy to see why families may choose this option.

If you would like to learn more about columbariums in cemeteries in Seattle, WA, give us a call and let our caring staff answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Published On: July 11th, 2022Categories: cemetery

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