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Many families are choosing cremation services more and more each year. However, this doesn’t mean that these same families cannot have the option of burial as many people might believe. In fact, when someone chooses cremation, their ashes can be buried in cemeteries in Bellevue, WA. just like that of a casket burial. Let’s look a little more at how burial works with cremation.

Before the Cremation

The very first step in a burial with cremation is the actual cremation itself. This normally starts with having the death certificate obtained and then having the body taken to the crematory. There, any additional paperwork is completed and the body is placed in a cremation container. This container is like a casket but will use in the cremation chamber as the body is being cremated. The body is then placed inside the cremation chamber and heat is used to reduce its minerals. These minerals are the ash that people are most familiar with,

After the Cremation

After the cremation has been completed, the remains are returned to the family and a temporary urn or one that they have purchased. The type of urn the family chooses will depend a lot on its final resting place. Typically, decorative urns are used for spaces such as columbarium niches while biodegradable urns are often used for burial.

Why Have a Burial with Cremation?

Many people choose cremation for the very reason of being able to have their ashes spread back into the wild. However, some people may wish to be cremated but their religion states the ashes should remain together and the preferred method for this is burial. Other families may simply wish to bury their loved one’s remains so they have a physical place to be able to visit and feel close to their loved ones.

Selecting a Burial Location

There are many places that offer burial plots for cremation urns. Two of the most popular types of plots are:

Cremation Graves- These are burial spots that are specifically for cremated remains. They are smaller than that plots for casket burials and some plots may hold two or more cremation urns. You can typically find the space available in cemeteries and cremation gardens.

Private Burial Plot- These plots are for those who want a private location and most likely will have several plots in a grouping so that many family members can be buried alongside one another.

cemeteries in Bellevue, WADo You Need an Urn Vault?

If you are not familiar with an urn vault, it is a container that provides protection against water and other natural occurrences from damaging the cremation urn. This vault also helps the ground to not shift or move once the urn has been buried.

Many cemeteries and other burial locations may require that you have an urn vault to be buried with the cremation urn. If you are unsure if you need one or not, contact the location directly where the plot is located.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for wanting a burial with cremation it is nice to know that it is an option. Preplanning can eliminate stress and confusion and assist your grieving family and friends. It is also becoming a more widely chosen and widely accepted option which means there are more cemeteries in Bellevue, WA starting to offer cremation burial plots.


Published On: September 5th, 2022Categories: cemetery

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