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As you walk through cemeteries in Seattle, WA you will see headstones with memorial vases attached and some without. While your loved one’s headstone certainly does not have to have a memorial vase attached, it is a nice extra feature that can elevate the look of the design as well as offer a functional vase for flowers to be placed in.

There are several styles of vases to choose from and today we are going to talk about the top two most popular choices so you can decide if you would like one for your loved one’s headstone. These two popular choices are full-sized (non-hidden), and hidden vases.

Full-Sized (Non-Hidden) Memorial Vase

These full-sized vases are a nice design element and are attached right to the headstone making them a feature element. They can be placed just about anywhere with a commonplace being a single vase on the bottom right or bottom left of the headstone base. This arrangement can also include two vases with one being on each side.

Another popular thing you may see is to have the full-sized vase actually appear as another design such as a scroll or even a flower pot.

Hidden Memorial Vases

cemeteries in Seattle, WAWhere full-sized memorial vases are used as an actual design element and in clear view, hidden memorial vases are just that; hidden. These are more subtle vases that don’t act as a design element.

Where these vases are placed really depends on what type of headstone or grave marker your loved one has. For example, with an upright headstone, the hidden vase is simply more of a hole that is cut into the top of the stone. Some families may wish to make the hole known by adding a touch of décor to the stone that is right below the hole while other families may leave this area blank so the vase is completely hidden when flowers are not filling it.

Design of Memorial Vases

Memorial vases can be made from a wide range of stones and various materials. Typically the vase is made to match the headstone material. This means if the headstone is marble, the memorial vase will most likely also be marble. It may be the same color or the family may choose a contrasting color for the vase to stand out more.

These vases can also be found in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs. As mentioned, some families may choose to have them appear as flower pots while others may decide to have them etched with an intricate design.

Final Thoughts

Memorial vases can be a really nice addition to your loved one’s headstones. They offer function and design and can be found as common elements on headstones in cemeteries in Seattle, WA. And since they can be made from a variety of stones, colors, shapes, and styles, you should have no problem finding the perfect one for your loved one’s headstone. And of course, if you need more information or help with choosing the right one, let us know as we are always here and available to help with whatever you may need.

Published On: September 26th, 2022Categories: cemetery

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