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Directors of cemeteries in Shoreline, WA. know the act of grieving can look different for everyone. The manner in which people process it also can look very different. While some people may prefer to use a physical activity like running or working out, others may prefer to tackle it more creatively through drawing or painting. One very effective way to face and process your grief is by journaling.

Having a regular journaling practice gives you a chance to sit down and check in with yourself. It can be extremely therapeutic to put your thoughts onto paper and often times you may find a new perspective on things.

We understand it can be tough to get started if you have not done this in the past. You may feel awkward or simply unsure of what to write. This is where journal prompts can help. Journal prompts are prewritten sentences that give you a topic or thought to begin writing about. You can find these prompts to be geared toward self-care, love, gratitude, family, and just about anything. Today we are going to list 25 journal prompts you can use for grieving.

25 Journal Prompts for Grieving

  1. How did your loved one make you feel?
  2. I need more of…
  3. I need less of….
  4. I am grateful for…
  5. One thing I wish I could do over with them is…
  6. If I could forgive one thing about myself, what would it be?
  7. What is one time you and your loved one had a good time?
  8. What is a way you can celebrate your loved one’s memory?
  9. What is something that makes you feel secure?
  10. Do you feel comfortable reaching out to others and asking for help?
  11. If you could share something about your day with your loved one, what would it be?
  12. The one thing I miss most about my loved one is…
  13. My loved one was most passionate about…
  14. Describe a favorite holiday memory shared with your loved one.
  15. One thing I learned from my loved one was…
  16. My biggest struggle has been…
  17. Write about a memory where your loved one made you laugh.
  18. Who are the people you can turn to for support either physically or virtually?
  19. Write about the three best qualities of your loved one.
  20. I don’t ever want to forget…
  21. My loved one made me feel special by…
  22. One thing I have learned about myself is…
  23. What do you think would make your loved one proud?
  24. What would you include in a memory box to remember your loved one?
  25. The thing that scares me the most is…

cemeteries in Shoreline, WATo use these prompts, simply find a quiet space in your home or any other location where you will not be interrupted. Have your journal and your pen and simply begin writing. Don’t worry about how it may sound to others as this is just for you and your eyes only. One of the biggest investments you will make when preplanning is the burial plot.

As directors of cemeteries in Shoreline, WA., we hope these journal prompts will help you to better be able to work through and process your grief.


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