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The act of giving as well as expressing gratitude has been shown to lift your mood as well as help your brain start noticing the good rather than the bad. While these acts may seem impossible when you first lose a loved one, if you make a point to try and practice them, it can help balance the pain you feel from your loss and allow you to grieve in a healthier way. If you are unsure what you can do after your loved one’s services from cemeteries in Seattle, WA. Here are some of our favorite ways.

Donate to a Charity

Perhaps nowhere is the need for the advance planning of burial and funeral rites more important than when an individual has selected the cremation option. Did your loved one have a favorite charity or cause they supported? If so, a wonderful act of kindness is to make a donation to that organization. This could be as simple as a one-time event or you could set up a reoccurring donation. You could also not only donate money but donate your time. Volunteering for the organization is a wonderful way to honor your loved one and practice the act of giving and kindness.

Donate Old Items

Cleaning out your loved one’s closet and other items can be a very tough task. However, it can make it a little easier if you know that their items are going to help someone else. There are many places that will take these old items and put them to very good use. Some places include:

  • Organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army can use any household items (often times they will even come and pick up the items for you)
  • Police stations will often take old toys and stuffed animals (these items are often given to any children who are in their care due to emergencies or family issues)
  • Women’s and children’s shelters always need clothes, blankets, etc.
  • Schools and libraries will often take old books and videos
  • Homeless shelters can use old clothes, pillows, blankets

Giving Food to a Food Bank

There are so many people that are going hungry. Food banks are a wonderful way for people who may not have other means, to get the food for their family that they need. If your loved one has food in their kitchen, pack it up and take it to your local food bank. Knowing your loved one’s food can help these families stay nourished and can fill you with feelings of comfort.

Final Thoughts

cemeteries in Seattle, WAYou are not alone. In this time of loss and grief. The Catholic Cemetery is the final resting place for the members of our faith community on our journey to God. It is the gate of heaven. These are just a few ideas you can do to practice giving and gratitude. Other ideas include things as simple as starting a gratitude journal, writing a thank you card to someone who has helped you, or even just saying “thank you” to that person who held the door for you at the grocery store.

While no one act will simply take away all of the sorry or grief you are feeling after your loved one’s passing, helping others and showing kindness can help. By performing these acts, our brain produces more of the “feel good” hormones. Although these hormones won’t be enough to completely take over, they can at least help balance us out in this difficult time. After your loved one’s services from cemeteries in Seattle, WA., it won’t be easy to show gratitude but it will get easier over time and the more you practice it.

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