cemeteries in Seattle, WA

While cemeteries in Seattle, WA. can be a wonderful place to visit and remember your loved one after their passing, you may wish to create another space to keep their memory alive. Many families choose to do this by creating a memorial garden.

This garden can be inside or outside, large or small, contain flowers, plants, or both, and be created however you and your family wish. To help you get started, follow the steps that we outline below.

Determine the Location for the Garden

As mentioned, your memorial garden can be as large or small as you wish. This means the garden could be a small space next to a tree in your yard or an entire large oversized area. Lok around at your home and your space and see what would work best for you.

When considering the space think of things such as how much shade and sunlight the area gets. Also, take into account the privacy and the overall vibe of the space. For example, if the space is in a part of your yard that faces a busy street or noisy neighbors you may wish to find a more tranquil, private area of the yard. After your loved one passes away, maintaining their gravesite and keeping it clean and in good condition is important.

Select the Foliage

cemeteries in Seattle, WANow that you have your space decided, you will need to select the types of flowers and plants you would like to plant. You could choose these in a few different ways. The first way is to just choose what you like and what will do well in the area selected.

If you wish to have a little more meaning to the garden you could consider what your loved one liked. Did they have any favorite plants or flowers? If so, you can use these as the whole garden, or part of the garden.

Another way you can choose the flowers is to research the meanings of flowers and use those that have special significance to you. You can find the meanings of flowers by looking them up online or asking a local florist.

You could also design the garden purely by a color scheme. If your loved one had a favorite color or color combination, you could design your garden by using these colors. Adding flowers and plants that incorporate these colors is a beautiful and bright way to design the space. Death marks the end of our stewardship on earth and is the beginning of eternal life. Talking about death is never easy, but discussion and pre‑planning can eliminate stress and confusion and assist your grieving family and friends

Including Additional Garden Features

Making your garden a place that feels peaceful and tranquil can be helped by adding additional garden items. These could be water features such as a fountain or a small pond. You could also include things like:

  • A bench, swing, or another sitting area
  • Wind chimes
  • Solar lights or lanterns
  • Statues
  • Bird feeder and/or bird bath
  • Rain catcher
  • Engraved plaque or another maker for your loved one
  • Speakers to play soft music

Final Thoughts

While visiting your loved one’s gravesite in cemeteries in Seattle, WA. is a common way to feel connected and close to them, sometimes it can be a little inconvenient. Having a memorial garden in or around your home can provide a place for you to still feel close to them while at home.

Published On: December 12th, 2022Categories: cemetery

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