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Being asked to be a pallbearer for a funeral is a great honor, however, if you have not done this before you may not be sure what is expected. From carrying the casket in the funeral to the cemeteries in Federal Way, WA. we are going to cover what you need to know about being a pallbearer.

What is a Pallbearer?

A pallbearer’s main role is to assist with the carrying and placement of the casket during the funeral services as well as the gravesite. There are typically six to eight pallbearers depending on the size of the casket. Each pallbearer will take their place next to the casket and assist in lifting and carrying it to its destination. While it is more normal to see men act as pallbearers, it is not uncommon for women to also take part. There are also sometimes honorable pallbearers who walk alongside the casket as they may be too weak due to age or illness to take part in the carrying.

What Are the Duties of a Pallbearer?

As stated, the pallbearer’s main role is to carry the casket. This means that the pallbearers will gather at the funeral home and wait for the family to say their last goodbyes. The pallbearers will then carry the casket and place it in the hearse to be taken to the funeral location. There, the pallbearers will assist the funeral home directors in taking the casket out of the hearse.

When the funeral begins the pallbearers will carry the casket into the location and place it in the front of the room. When the service is over they will then place the casket back into the hearse to be transported to the gravesite. Typically the pallbearers will be in a vehicle behind the hearse and follow it to the cemetery. There they will remove the casket from the hearse and place it at the graveside for the service.

Proper Attire for Pallbearers

cemeteries in Federal Way, WAPallbearers should look dignified and dress in an appropriate manner. This means that men should wear suits of black or another dark, somber color. They should also take into consideration what shoes they wear as they need to look nice but also be comfortable enough for the job at hand. Women should wear pants or a dress and also make sure to consider what shoes they choose.

Pallbearer Etiquette

The role of a pallbearer is a serious one and should be treated as such. This means a pallbearer should practice common courtesies such as showing up on time, turning off their cell phones and being present in the moment.

Final Thoughts

If a family has asked you to act as a pallbearer at their loved one’s funeral, know that it is a great honor. Even though you may feel intimidated as it is a new role, do your best not to decline. From carrying the casket in the funeral service to the delivery to cemeteries in Federal Way, WA., make sure to treat the role with the respect and dignity it deserves.

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