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After losing a spouse, navigating this new reality can be extremely challenging. This can even be made more difficult on certain days such as on your wedding anniversary. While once this day was filled with fun and celebration, it can now just bring feelings of loneliness and sadness. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Providers of cemeteries in Kent, WA. have these ways that you can honor your spouse and keep this day full of love.

Pick Out an Anniversary Card

Some people just love picking out cards. They enjoy looking through and reading each one to find just the right one that says the perfect sentiment. If this is you and you would pick out a card every anniversary for your spouse, then continue the tradition. Heading to the card store and browsing over all the cards can bring a feeling of happiness and closeness to your loved one.

So what do you do with the card once you have picked one out? Whatever feels right to you. Some people may write a note in it and then simply place it in a special box or drawer. If your loved ones were created you could place the card next to their urn. If they were buried you could place the card on their gravesite.

Fill Your Day with Flowers

Nothing says happy anniversary more than flowers. Planting flowers is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary and remember your loved one. If you have a garden or the space to do so in your yard, gather up some of their favorite buds and plant away. If you have a smaller yard or no green space you could simply buy some fresh bouquets to place around your home or plant some flowers in small pots and place them on a bookshelf or other location where they can thrive. You can also take some flowers and place them on your spouse’s gravesite or lie them next to their urn. A headstone is a stele or marker, usually stone, that is placed over a grave.

Write a Letter

cemeteries in Kent, WAWriting a letter to your spouse is a beautiful way to remember them and your love for them. This letter could be about anything you wish. You could write about how much you miss them, write about a special memory, or what you have learned since their passing. Whatever is on your heart, simply write about that. When you are finished with the letter, you could tuck it away or release it with a balloon or lantern. The need to research the impact of the cremation option on the celebration of the Church’s funeral rites.

Final Thoughts

After your spouse passes away, you will have some tough days to get through. Some days, such as your wedding anniversary, can be tougher than other days. However, if you look at these days as special moments to celebrate, they may actually bring you a little joy rather than just sadness.

While these days won’t be the same as when your spouse was alive, they can still be days that celebrate the love the two of your felt and had for one another. From buying a card to placing flowers in the cemeteries in Kent, WA., there are many ways to continue to honor and love your spouse on this special day.

Published On: February 20th, 2023Categories: cemetery

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