cemeteries in Seattle, WA

If your family is on the traditional side, when members pass on, you have a funeral for them. That event might take place in the funeral home or in the family church. Then, guests will process to one of the cemeteries in Seattle, WA where you have a plot ready and can wrap up your loved one’s services with the burial portion of the process. Eventually, you will leave the cemetery with your family and perhaps attend a reception as a group to be together for longer. In the future, you might want to return to that burial site to memorialize your loved one and honor them in certain ways. Here are a few ways you might want to do just that.

Simply Visit

You don’t really have to do anything or bring anything at all to memorialize your loved one if you don’t want to. If you visit often, especially, don’t feel like you have to bring something or do something significant every time. Just visiting is a nice way to honor your loved one and memorialize them in a way that helps to keep their memory alive. When you visit, you are remembering them and that’s very special, even if you do nothing else.

Bring Flowers

The most popular thing people bring to a cemetery when they visit to honor their loved one later is flowers. You can bring their favorite flower, a bouquet, a wreath, or something else. Make sure you know the cemetery rules as they can be different from place to place. Some cemeteries allow people to place flowers right on the grave at other times. Other cemeteries want people only to put flowers in attached headstone vases. Make sure you know the rules so you can follow them.

Significant Items

There are a variety of small, special items you might bring and place on your loved one’s grave. You can bring the item to leave, or just put it on the headstone while you are there and then take it with you for next time. You might bring a smooth stone with a word inscribed on it, for example. You might bring something your loved one owned or something they collected that you found in a thrift store recently and bought because you were thinking of them.

cemeteries in Seattle, WA

Your Lunch

If you have a break from work, it might be nice to bring your lunch to the cemetery, sit on the grass, and simply spend time with your loved one. You can look at the view and think about your loved one as you enjoy the nice day. Or, you can talk to them, update them on what’s going on in your family, and tell them how much you miss them.

If you want to do something for your loved one in cemeteries in Seattle, WA, in the future, once they have passed on and are laid to rest, you can always contact the professionals for advice.

Published On: May 1st, 2023Categories: cemetery

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